Hi :D I'm Victor

--Fan Artist--

Commission Info Page

Oh hey you want to commission me? Well that's rad, but first we both need to get on the same page because if I have to keep copying and pasting the same info every time some on contacts me, I'll actually cry.So before you decide to commission, go to the info links below. :D

Boundaries & Limits

My Boundaries:

I am comfortable drawing:
(self-insert, canon, not canon, I won't fuss, as long as it's y'know legal and not morally wrong)
Gore & Body Horror
(If it isn't self harm, or some sort of fetish thing, I'm cool)
(Simple enough, just give me the reference and a small bit of info I should know about the character)

What I am not comfortable drawing:
Hateful Imagery
And the obvious, Anything that is illegal or morally wrong

CC's Boundries

I would like to get this out of the way, if you wish for me to draw anything that is from a content creator of any kind, you will need to send me LINKS of their boundaries in regards to having fanart made of them and their boundaries towards people making money off of fanart of them. If you cannot provide me both links to either a clip of them saying one or both of these boundaries or A post from their social medias addressing to any of these boundries.Then I WON'T do the commission at all until these are povided.

If there is something that you wish for me to draw, but it either isn't listed or you want more clarification on any of the things listed above, don't be afraid to ask.

Art & Payment

Okay this section explain how my pricing works in regards to added details or different style.If you want me to draw a picture in a different style, most likely the pricing will be similar to one of the set prices that is listed on the commission post.Details like extra characters will be half price the price of the first character for each one added and detailed backgrounds prices may vary depending on what you want me to draw.Any other questions feel free to contact me.